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Hey folks, happy new year!!  2015, still here, still slang’n the best pies around!

This first month of the year is always our slowest.  The holidays are over, the weather has set in,  and most people hate to leave the house or drive outside of their neighborhoods.   Well, to combat that and get you all to stand up and tell winter “Hey Winter, I’m Iowan, I’ve dealt with you for years, and this year I’m not going to let you talk down to me anymore!” we’ve lined up some really great music for this first month.  Make sure you check that out.  Every day it seems that a new brewery has made its way to Iowa, we are doing our best to stay on top of this.  We promise to keep having the newest stuff around (as long as it doesn’t suck) and not to fear, we will still have your favorites.  If you have suggestions, PLEASE talk to me (Jesse).  As far as the WINE in The Winebar goes, I’ve been personally doing plenty of research (wink) to find you the most interesting stuff available in our market.   Also,  you’ll start to notice a few aesthetic changes to the space.  These changes won’t happen overnight, they will be step by step, and those steps will be baby steps.  All in all, the metamorphosis will take at least a few months.  Our first project has already been completed.  We had Dale from Liberty Iron Works fabricate a new prep area bar top for us.  You’ll notice it by the high 4 top near the specials chalk board.  We will paint!!!  I might even have a Sunday painting pizza party! Say that three times fast.  Some of you may have heard me talk about my subway tile idea for the oven area.  This will also be something that will be happening in the coming months.  If you have a lead on some tile, holler at a guy, would ya?  Last but not least,  THE FOOD.  We will continue to have our same awesome pizza that you have all come to love.   I’ve been listening to some requests and suggestions, and we’re playing around with things.  Soon we will have a new menu being printed with those additions added.  Oh, and I promise the font size will be bigger!!

We’re happy here, Mount Vernon has treated the Winebar well.  So have the surrounding communities.  We really appreciate your appreciation for what we are trying to do here. Without you, all we would have is 6,000 pounds of  super special Italian bricks in the shape of an oven and a pile of wood.    2015 is sure to be a great year for us here, and we all hope its a great year for you and yours as well.

Thank you, all of you.  Every dayers, once a weekers, here and there’ers, and all you newbies!

Music in January

 Alright folks, looks like January should be a great month for live music here at the Wine Bar.   I know we’re pretty excited for the tunes over the next few weeks, hope you can come out and enjoy as well.

Thursdays  700-9pm. Saturdays 730-930pm


Thursday the 8th – ROB LUMBARD


Saturday the 10th – ROBERT “ONE MAN” JOHNSON


Thursday the 15th – THE JANEY-WAGOR DUO


Saturday the 17th – MARC AND BRANDI JANSSEN


Thursday the 22nd – SLEWGRASS


Saturday the 24th – THE TORNADOES


Thursday the 29th – BROOK HOOVER


Saturday the 31st – RED ROCK HILL




The Honest Open Mic!! Hosted by Mount Vernons very own Josh Woosley.

Have you words to sing, or instruments to play? Come and join in on some good times.  Heck, play a few songs and we’ll even buy you a beer!


Thank you for Supporting Live Music!

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